Shameless self-promotion

I’m chuffed to have had a piece I wrote about how I coped with having cancer published in The Underbelly, a brilliant site where breast cancer patients and survivors support each other.

I have been really hesitant to write about cancer. “Does the world really need another cancer blog?” is a question I asked aloud more than once. “There’s nothing special about me, or my experience, unless you know me and love me” was another argument. Not wrong: something like 70 other women in Australia were diagnosed on the same day as me. Horribly common. My Dad changed my mind, telling me that my perspective might help someone else get their head around it. Thanks, Dad.

I’m posting here because my commitment to mindful leadership at work arose from this experience, and from my desire to carry over the practices that helped me get through the worst of times into my daily life. As I’ve said elsewhere, one of the biggest lessons for me is how often when we are “well” we are making ourselves sick with stress. No more. Not for this chicken!

I hope you’ll read Loving yourself sick



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